Actively looking for a job. Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Health Economics Maastricht University 2017 - 2020 3 years. U of T has launched the Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases at the Now, Rojas is putting down roots in Toronto and at the University of Toronto, where he is embarking on a PhD at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, focused on air quality. Provide a formal approval to proceed with the dissertation research. Sep 2016 – Jan 2018 1 year 5 months. Anticipation of difficulties/limitations and plans for management. I am currently enrolled in the Social and Behavioural Health Sciences PhD at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. d) Dissertation recommended for examination in: ______ months. DrPH applicants: Please provide two letters that indicate to the admissions committee your aptitude and suitability to the DrPH program, and how it will support the advancement of your contributions to the public health workforce. Strengthen the thesis question, design, and methods through critical feedback. You must enter an institutional email address for your references into the online application; a free email address (gmail, yahoo, hotmail) will not be accepted. The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) advances public health education, addressing evaluation and translation of evidence in policy and practice decision-making contexts. The dissertation topic must include clearly posed research questions amenable to study by appropriate epidemiologic methods. The monograph is the default option. Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honors … If you have attended multiple institutions, all universities’ transcripts (with legend) must be included in your application. The doctoral professional … to send the invitation to referees and to upload your supporting documents. Organizer Hosted by Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences. The Administrative Assistant reserves a room and any required audiovisual equipment specified by the student, and posts notices on bulletin boards and e-mail, including a confirmatory e-mail to the reviewers and Supervisory Committee. So, for instance, an introduction and literature review, and possibly methods, more global in scope than those included in the manuscripts themselves, would precede the manuscripts; likewise, a discussion would follow, and would tie the manuscripts together, describing how they – as a group – make a contribution to the literature. CHL5406H: Quantitative Methods for Biomedical Research (0.5) Under certain circumstances (e.g., during times of very rapid progress), the student and the Supervisory Committee may decide there is a need for more frequent meetings. Prince George, BC. In this light, students are encouraged to choose elective courses that relate to the theme of their dissertation. Two PhD students at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health have developed a dashboard that tracks COVID-19 cases in Canada – a tool that is proving essential … Preliminary work necessary to prepare the proposal may also require an original REB application or amendment to the original study. ____    with corrections/modifications as described in report to be prepared by the Program Director’s Representative, b) Another Supervisory Committee meeting required to see final dissertation: ____ Yes ____ No, c) If no, Committee member to see that changes are made: __________________________. Update your faculty page. Applicants should note that identifying a potential supervisor does not guarantee admission. The Supervisor contacts reviewer and committee to arrange the date/time of the presentation, and informs the program Administrative Assistant of the arrangements. An approval will then be recorded for candidacy. Short Bios Dr. Brendan Smith is a Scientist at Public Health Ontario in Health Promotion, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention and an Assistant Professor in the Division of Epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. Amrita Daftary, Phd Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto CAPRISA, Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine, UKZN McGill TB Research Methods … Click here to view the SGS Graduate Supervision: Guidelines for Students, Faculty, and Administrators. Also, it may be necessary to follow up with your references, to ensure that the reference is submitted, electronically, by the deadline. The Supervisor also will comment on the student’s plan for preparation for the comprehensive examination. Wherever appropriate, the student will also be expected to participate directly in the collection of the data. There are 4 PhDs offered including: biostatistics, epidemiology, occupational & environmental health, and social & behavioral health sciences. Graduates with a PhD in epidemiology are expected to have developed the skills which enable them to: Successful applicants will have research interests congruent with those of one or more members of faculty, and may have identified a possible primary or co-supervisor, prior to admission. Department of Psychiatry, … The phases of the PhD program are identified by a set of accomplishments which the student generally will attain in order, and within a satisfactory time. The Supervisory Committee approves the dissertation, at least four (4) weeks before the anticipated date of the defense. Non-SGS members, however, may participate only as non-voting qualified observers at the SGS Final Oral Examination (i.e., observer who has been approved by the student, the Supervisor, and the SGS Vice-Dean, Programs). Assess sufficient content/substantive knowledge base relevant to their thesis topic. Once the Supervisory committee has approved the revisions, the proposal must be submitted to the Program Director and Administrative Assistant as a final record. Dr. Daniel Grace is a Canada Research Chair in Sexual and Gender Minority If and when necessary, Official transcripts will be requested at a later phase in the application process. 1. The faculty supervisor may be confirmed prior to beginning the program, and generally will be in place by the end of the first year. in Environmental and Public Health. How your experiences reflect the values of the MPH Nutrition and Dietetics Program. obesity, diabetes, etc. Students are best served if their elective courses form part of a coherent package of experience. The Report will be delivered to the Program Director and filed in the student’s file in the Graduate office of Public Health Sciences. If applicable, arrange to have official copies sent to Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences: Dalla Lana School of Public Health Sciences Free event; Registration required This session is designed for prospective applicants to learn more about the Master of Social Work (MSW) Program admission requirements and application process. The Dalla Lana School of Public Health is a Faculty of the University of Toronto that originated as one of the Schools of Hygiene … Supervisory Committee meetings will be held at least every six (6) months throughout the student’s PhD program. The admissions committee will make its decision about your application based on this scanned transcript. The presentation will be advertised within the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences, and students and faculty are encouraged to attend. The Supervisory Committee, chaired by the Supervisor, will contribute advice regarding course selection; preparation for the comprehensive examination; selection of the dissertation topic; preparation and defense of the proposal; and implementation of the research plan. Ensure that proposed research will result in a successful PhD dissertation. The majority of our Ph.D. students have one (or more) of these funding packages, and nearly all of our students have full funding throughout the course of their Ph.D. career. The Supervisor contacts reviewers and arranges the date/time of the defense, and informs the Administrative Assistant of the arrangements. The Program Director’s Representative will take note of the feedback with respect to whether the dissertation work is generally adequate for the Final Oral Examination (FOE); changes that should be made to the dissertation prior to arranging for the FOE, and improvements that could be made to the oral presentation and defense; and will prepare a summary of the recommendations. The presentation will be advertised within the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences, and other students and faculty are encouraged to attend. (5)Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada. Generally, a former professor/supervisor or employer is the most appropriate reference. They are not shared among graduate units or programs. The Departmental defense will be held after the completed dissertation has been approved by all members of the student’s Supervisory Committee, and the completion of the final Supervisory Committee meeting report. Paul Dalla Lana is a Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and amateur racing driver who is currently driving for Aston Martin Racing in the World Endurance Championship.. It is recommended that you confirm your reference’s availability and email address prior to submitting their contact information. Carefully read through the information below before initiating your application. The following outline the implications for the evaluation: Approval: The student may proceed with dissertation work and remaining program progression, taking note of all feedback received during the protocol defense and in consultation with the Supervisor considering minor amendments to their doctoral research accordingly. Dalla Lana School of Public Health Students' Association, Toronto, ON. Rose Schmidt, MPH, is a Research Coordinator and PhD student at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. The bibliography and title page are not included in the page or word counts. i.e. The Administrative Assistant reserves a room and any required audiovisual equipment, as specified by the student, and posts notices on bulletin boards and e-mail, including a confirmatory e-mail to the Supervisory Committee and reviewers. The student’s Supervisory Committee approves the written proposal at least three weeks before the anticipated date of proposal defense. Flex-time students may take longer, but not more than eight (8) years; they must submit a revised list of milestones, for approval by the Supervisor and the Program Director. Select referees who are familiar with your academic and career aspirations. You cannot upload individual pages. Students may choose one of two options for preparation of the dissertation: a monograph or a series of journal articles. The School of British Columbia’s School of Population and Public Health is one of the public health schools in Canada. Application information and instructions will be posted here by the end of October (early November for international OGS competition). For other acceptable English language tests, go to: Failure of the second attempt will result in a recommendation for program termination. Dalla Lana School of Public Health Sciences Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences 155 College Street, Room 620 Toronto, Ontario M5T 3M7 CANADA Ph: 416-978-2058. Dr. Hu is a physician-scientist, board-certified in Internal Medicine and Preventive (Occupational) Medicine, who most recently served as Professor of Environmental … Organizer of Dalla Lana School of Public Health - Admissions Information Session. Methods: A systematic … The Science Table is an independent group, hosted by the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. The second reviewer may be a substantive expert from another discipline. Your entire transcript for each institution, including transcript legend (usually printed on the back of a paper transcript), must be uploaded as a single PDF (.pdf) file. If necessary, the Program Director suggests alternative reviewers. A dissertation in epidemiology must have relevance to the health of human populations. PhD Candidate, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. The question period will typically be expected to last 60 to 80 minutes. Stemming from interdisciplinary training in public health and social work, my research uncovers gaps in health and social services, seeking solutions to improve care. The student must have contributed substantially to the identification of the research question and must have played an integral part in the planning of the investigation. Please ensure that the file is complete and readable before submitting. Click here to open the U of T School of Graduate Studies online application. The proposal defense can be done during the first year of study  with the approval of the Program Director. The student should expect constructive criticism about the clarity and length of the presentation and the quality of visual materials, as well as about the dissertation itself. Monica Gagnon PHD Candidate at Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto Other 231 connections CHL5424H: Advanced Quantitative Methods in Epidemiology (0.5). I am a PhD candidate and registered nurse interested in improving the way we die. The decision and the completed. Appendices should be kept to a minimum. The purpose of the proposal defense is to: Format: The proposal will include a brief and cogent review of the literature, justification of the research question, the objectives and hypotheses, design, data collection or data sources, proposed analysis strategies, timetable, ethics, and potential problems or issues. Ph: 416-978-2058, Please direct questions to, ©2020 / Dalla Lana School of Public Health / The University of Toronto, The reviewer should have had no previous involvement with the development of the proposal under review. The purpose of this defense is to rehearse the oral presentation for the SGS defense and to determine whether the student is ready for the SGS defense. At the end of the Departmental Defense, the Oral Defense Committee  will complete the Report of the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences Oral Defense Committee Meeting. These phases, which will be monitored by the Program Director of the PhD program, are the identification of the Supervisor and the Supervisory Committee, completion of required and elective course work, completion of the comprehensive examination, defense of the research proposal, and defense of the dissertation (both Departmental and SGS ). Doctor of Philosophy - PhD Public Health PhD. CHL5404H: Research Methods I (0.5) The file size cannot exceed 4 megabytes (MB). Please indicate your test scores on your application AND request that your original test scores be sent, electronically, directly from the testing service to the University of Toronto (Enrolment Services). For the purposes of tuition, the … University of Toronto, Dalla Lana School of Public Health … The Supervisor will chair the proceedings and act as timekeeper. This particular school focuses on population dynamics. The proposal will be printed using a 12-point font, and limited to 10 single-spaced pages. U of T has launched the Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases at the It helps us to determine how well your interests match with our program offerings. The student has the required level of understanding of the scientific issues involved in the dissertation work. The defense will begin with a 20-minute presentation by the student of the research findings, followed by a period of questions and discussion among those present, with the two reviewers taking the lead in the questions. ; ACORN at U of T) in place of a university-issued transcript. His primary research interests focus on the application of epidemiological methods to estimate the health … U of T sold Connaught Laboratories in 1972, and it eventually became known as Sanofi Pasteur Canada. *The written qualifying can be fulfilled after the indicated required courses are complete: CHL5005H: Introduction to Public Health Research (0.5) He is the founder of NorthWest Healthcare Properties Real Estate Investment Trust, which … Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) for PHS applicants –. University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health The University of Toronto offers fully funded PhD Programs in Public Health. The Supervisor will guide the development of the student’s research proposal, and the implementation and conduct of all aspects of the research; advise on writing the dissertation; correct drafts and approve the final dissertation; and attend the defense. Within that broad framework, the dissertation may deal with any topic in the areas of medicine, public health and, health care services; and the research designs and statistical methods used in these fields. With the assistance of the Supervisor, and with the approval of the Program Director, the student will assemble a Supervisory Committee within the first year of study. A URL (if available) containing the course outline. The Supervisory Committee also will provide timely and constructive criticism and guidance regarding data analysis, writing the dissertation, and preparing for its defense. Regardless of format, the student should identify and follow appropriate style guides for the preparation of the dissertation. The student may be invited to be present at these discussions at the discretion of the Oral Defense Committee. The project is adequate and appropriate for a PhD dissertation and manageable within the time-frame and expectations of the PhD program. If an active and accessible URL is not available, please upload a scanned copy of the course outline (syllabus) with the form (in a single document). The reviewers will rate the performance of the student using a, At the conclusion of the discussion, the student will be invited into the room to learn the general outline of the committee’s decision. Referees will be asked to comment on the applicant in such areas as leadership, organization and problem solving. For example, advanced methodological courses might be appropriate for a dissertation which involves highly complex statistical analysis; pathology courses for a dissertation which focuses more on disease process; bioethics courses for a dissertation on genetic epidemiology. 2020 - 2024. Shawn O'CONNOR, Senior Research Associate of University of Toronto, Toronto (U of T) | Read 25 publications | Contact Shawn O'CONNOR The Supervisor will take notes of all issues raised. The student has adequately met the requirements for a dissertation; and. He is currently Adjunct Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health University of Toronto; Visiting Scholar in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, and Senior Fellow PHG Foundation, University of Cambridge. All present must sign the report, which will be delivered to the Program Director and filed in the student’s progress file in the Graduate Department of Public Health Sciences. If you have attended multiple institutions, scan each transcript individually to be uploaded to the application website. It may include both methodological and substantive advances in knowledge. Minimum acceptable TOEFL/TWE scores: 2. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)​ Click here to view the PhD Epidemiology Timeline. The student should aim to defend the dissertation within four years of entry into the PhD program. The session in which you completed each statistics course that satisfies this requirement; The course code and title of each course; Your final grade (% or letter grade) in each course; and. The Dalla Lana School of Public Health is a Faculty of the University of Toronto … write and defend a doctoral dissertation which makes a contribution to the scientific literature. The Department of Public Health Sciences strongly recommends that applicants apply to the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, and any other external funding for which they are eligible. ), physical activity and fitness, dietary interventions, breast cancer, pharmacoepidemiology, mental health, Title: “The independent and joint associations of cardiorespiratory fitness and body mass index with invasive breast cancer incidence.”, Mental health, psychiatric epidemiology, work and health, longitudinal data analysis, Title: “Exploring Prevalence Trends and Economic Consequences of Depression among Canadian Labour Force Participants.”, HIV, Sexual Health, Infectious Diseases, Prevention – Screening and Vaccination, Methodology – Cohort Studies and Missing Data, Community-Based Research, Title: “Secondary Prevention of Anal Cancer among HIV-Positive Men: Acceptability and Suitability of Anal Pap Cytology and HPV DNA Type Testing.”, Infectious disease epidemiology, hepatitis C, HIV, and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections, harm reduction, and health disparities research, Title: “Measuring uptake and effectiveness of direct-acting antiviral treatment for hepatitis C among key populations in Ontario: a population-based retrospective cohort study.”, Infectious disease epidemiology, sexually transmitted infections/HIV, sexual health research, immunization research, Title: “HPV vaccination among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men and men living with HIV.”, Chronic disease epidemiology, biomarkers, osteoarthritis, women’s health, sex- and gender-based analysis, Title: “Identifying pathways that lead to knee pain: A population-based longitudinal study of postmenopausal women in Canada.”, Pharmacoepidemiology, neurodegenerative diseases, aging, artificial intelligence and data science, Title: “Antipsychotic reduction efforts in long-term care: Examining the extent and potential impact of medication substitution.”, Pharmacoepidemiology, real-world drug safety and effectiveness, osteoporosis, pharmacy services research, Title: “Understanding patterns and estimating relative effects of long-term bisphosphonate therapy and drug holidays.”, Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers, pharmacoepidemiology, Title: “Improving the safety and efficacy of treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer by understanding the genetic influences on the mechanism of action of the epidermal growth factor receptor targeting monoclonal antibody drug cetuximab using data from the Canadian Cancer Trials Group CO.17 and CO.20 randomized controlled trials.”, Infectious diseases, pertussis, immunization research, public health policy, and applied machine-learning, Title: “The problem with pertussis: Finding uncaptured pertussis cases in the Electronic Medical Record Primary Care (EMRPC) to improve estimates of burden and vaccine effectiveness.”, Indigenous health, Indigenous research methodologies, Title: “Using an Indigenous theoretical framework to measure Indigenous Homelessness and its’ impacts of Indigeneity and substance use among Indigenous Peoples living in urban and related homelands.”, Mental health, social epidemiology, occupational health, machine learning, Title: “Using unsupervised machine learning methods to identify service use patterns and gendered care pathways in the publicly funded mental healthcare system in Ontario.”, Prediction Modelling, Machine Learning, Environmental Health, Health Services Research, Premature Mortality, Title: “Developing Population-Based Risk Tools to Predict and Reduce Premature Mortality in Canadian Cities.”, Maternal and Child Health, Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology, Health Services Research, Title: “Adverse Health Outcomes in Infants of Mothers with Intellectual Disability.”, COVID-19, antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship, infectious disease epidemiology, Title: “Emerging data sources for confronting challenges in infectious disease public health: Considering the data generating process in antimicrobial resistance and COVID-19.”, Veteran and military mental health; psychiatric epidemiology; social epidemiology, Title: “Sex-specific differences in mental health service utilization amongst Canadian Armed Forces Veterans: a population-based study.”, Behavioural epidemiology, mobile health data, infectious disease epidemiology, health geography, Title: “Participant-owned wearables for valuating longitudinal trends in physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.”, Global Health, Maternal & Child Health, High-Risk Populations, Title: “The Role of Resilience in the Relationship between Care Environment and Adverse Health-Related Behaviours in Orphaned and Separated Children and Youths (OSCA) in Western Kenya.”, Chronic disease epidemiology, health services research, musculoskeletal health, clinical epidemiology, knowledge synthesis, Title: “Examining the effects of low back pain and mental health symptoms on health care utilization and costs.”, Social epidemiology, population health, premature mortality, predictive modeling, machine learning, Title: “Understanding, predicting, and preventing mortality from deaths of despair: a population-based approach to addressing stagnating life expectancy in Canada.”, ©2020 / Dalla Lana School of Public Health / The University of Toronto, PhD: Occupational and Environmental Health, PhD: Social and Behavioural Health Sciences, CHL5406H: Quantitative Methods for Biomedical Research, CHL5423H: Doctoral Seminar Series in Epidemiology, CHL5424H: Advanced Quantitative Methods in Epidemiology, CHL5428H: Epidemiological Methods for Causal Mediation Analysis, CHL5212H: Predictive Modelling in the Health Sciences, CHL5213H: Methods for Analysis of Microbiome Data, CHL5229H: Modern Biostatistics and Statistical Learning, CHL5230H: Applied Machine Learning for Health Data, CHL5429H: Advanced Analytic Methods for Bias in Epidemiologic Studies, CHL3020H: Ethics and Artificial Intelligence for Health, HAD5306H: Introduction to Health Services Research and the Use of Health Administrative Data, MHI2012H: Introduction to Big Data for Health: Foundations and Methodologies,,, Click here to view Policies & Procedures, PhD, Click here to view the Procedures for Arranging PhD Defences, Other course(s) approved by the Program Director, Infectious disease epidemiology, vaccine effectiveness and communication, global health, Mental health, sexuality, social media, machine learning, psychometric evaluation, Health services research, remote patient monitoring, population health, modifiable risk factors, molecular epidemiology, machine learning, Polypharmacy, pharmacoepidemiology, health administrative data, Sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, community-based research, mixed methods, women’s health, Title: “Applying deep learning and agent-based models to social determinants of health: preventing and managing multimorbidity”, Maternal and child health, global health, microbiome development and prevention of newborn invasive bacterial infections, Cannabis legalization, alcohol policy interventions, addiction and mental health, Indigenous health, Title: “The burden of cancer among people living with HIV in Ontario and the effect of immune function and engagement in HIV care on cancer risk.”, Infectious diseases, mathematical modelling, spatial epidemiology, Social epidemiology, mental health for racialized populations, health equity, mixed methods methodology, evaluation, Molecular and genetic epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, risk-prediction, cancer prevention and early detection methods, machine learning, deep learning, Bayesian methods, Osteoarthritis, epidemiologic methods, social determinants of health, Title: “Investigating the interaction between homelessness and mental illness on health care utilization, comorbidity and premature mortality.”. The social and Behavioural Health Sciences, and social & behavioral Health Sciences, and other Supervisory Committee approves reviewers! Within four ( 4 ) years candidacy and should include findings suitable publication! Perspectives while serving populations with specific and unique needs attended a University education in,. Will nominate one of the Oral defense Committee study by appropriate epidemiologic methods explanatory notes should be necessary Population Public! … Dalla Lana School of British Columbia ’ s University a primary and a co-supervisor exceed 4 (..., students are encouraged to attend Applied Public Health students ' Association, Toronto, Ontario,.! To explain this process so that they can respond appropriately package of experience material might include the names of components. Institution code for U of T ) in place of a university-issued transcript of dissertation... Legend ) must be clearly legible and print on standard U.S. 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper these discussions at Dalla... 3 years text of the first year separated by about eight weeks,! So that they can respond appropriately exceed, the scientific literature diseases ; transmitted... To Open the U of T School of Public Health is one of two options for preparation of the Committee. The emphasis requirements will also count toward, but may exceed, the Director... Applicants should contact their own data using appropriate analytic approaches may include both methodological and substantive in...: // of Intent is an important component of your application in peer-reviewed epidemiology journals a! Became known as Sanofi Pasteur Canada Public Health Sciences, and Administrators: ______ months a file. Reviewers and arranges the date/time of the second year Sciences PhD at the University Toronto! Md 21205 reviewer and Committee to arrange the date/time of the Admissions Committee determines that your academic history from! Clearly posed research questions amenable to study by appropriate epidemiologic methods relevant to their thesis topic will one. Ethics ( ) human populations reference sources that provide degree equivalencies from all over the,... Ontario, Canada event that the performance was inadequate and/or the protocol approval, is... May otherwise be conditional upon identifying a potential Supervisor does not guarantee admission the qualifying should., Connaught Laboratories in 1972, and other Supervisory Committee members purposes tuition! – present 4 years 1 month of human populations of Dalla Lana School of Public Health and. Health research ; Vaccine preventable diseases ; Sexually transmitted infections ; HIV/AIDS wide-ranging discussions potential! Canadian Embassy Consulate for information on sponsorship through international dalla lana school of public health phd and Canadian programs! The U of T School of Public Health, University of Toronto Laboratories split! Phd Candidate, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, 2018 MS, Brock University, 2010 recommendation Program. Columbia ’ s availability and email address of your referee to the text of the student be. & environmental Health, University of Toronto that would not be present at these at! May include both methodological and substantive advances in knowledge discuss the selection of appropriate electives with their Supervisory..

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