Wild-dug Evergreen Huckleberry does not transplant well.  Hardwood cuttings are someitmes successful. Growth: With a slow to moderate growth rate, Oregon Boxwood rarely exceeds 3 feet (1m), usually only reaching 8-30 inches (20-80 cm).  It is fairly long-lived. Distribution: Hairy Manzanita is found from Vancouver Island in British Columbia to the coast of Northern California, mostly on the west side of the Cascade Mountains. Garrya elliptica is much more common in landscapes. Relationships: There are about 18 species of Garrya in North and Central America and the Caribbean; with 8 species from the U.S, mostly limited to the southwest and southern Pacific Coast. Phenology: Bloom Period:  April-June; Seed capsules ripen July-September. Oregon Boxwood           The Spindle Tree Family—Celastraceae, Names: The genus has been alternatively spelled Pachistima or Pachystima; it means thick stigma.  The species has also been known as Paxistima myrtifolia.  Myrsinites means like myrsine, or myrtle, referring to its boxwood-like appearance.  Other common names include Falsebox, Boxleaf Myrtle, Mountain Lover or the mnemonic, “pa-kissed-ma.”. New growth in the spring is usually a bronzy red.  Cold weather in the winter often causes leaves to turn purplish or bronze.  Yellow flowers are borne in erect terminal clusters.  Dark blue, grape-like berries are about 1 cm across with a silvery bloom. Names: The Pacific Rhododendron is also known as the Coast Rhododendron, California Rhododendron, or California Rosebay.  Rhododendron macrophyllum literally means, “Rose tree with big leaves.”  It is the state flower of Washington State. holiday cheer throughout the home. Los Angeles County to impose new COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings. Some cultivated varieties have been developed. Habitat: Oregon Boxwood is most often found in the mountains in relatively dry, open, sunny sites or open forests. Mahonia is named after American Horticulturist, Bernard McMahon.  Horticulturists have consistently continued to use the genus Mahonia to refer to those species with compound leaves that give them a very different appearance from barberries. *Many of these hybrids have been studied by the esteemed native plant expert, Arthur R. Kruckeberg. Click here to see the officers of the ESVA (pdf). Habitat: It is one of the most common understory shrubs in our second-growth coniferous forests.  Wetland designation: FACU, Facultative upland, it usually occurs in non-wetland but is occasionally found in wetlands. Germination requires overwinter stratification (30-120 days) and may take two or more years to germinate.  Seeds may benefit from soaking in 100ppm of gibberellin for 17 hours following the stratification period. Also has pictures of the trees for identification and links for further tree species education. coolers where WTU Herbarium Image Collection, Plants of Washington, Burke Museum, E-Flora BC, Electronic Atlas of the Flora of British Columbia, USDA Forest Service-Fire Effects Information System, Native Plants Network, Propagation Protocol Database, Native American Ethnobotany, University of Michigan, Dearborn. Use by people: A yellowish-brown dye may be made from its leaves.  The hard wood burns with a bright light and is useful for making small tools.  Some native people ate the berries. Snowbrush                                The Buckthorn Family–Rhamnaceae. are also now often lumped into the Rhododendron genus. welcome everyone respect is our most essential ingredient Modern “Brush-pickers” collect Salal and Evergreen Huckleberry foliage for the florist trade; although most ask permission before collecting on private property, some have been known to trespass in order to sell the valuable greenery to wholesalers. The undersides of older Labrador Tea leaves are covered with rusty-brown fuzz. Washington Trees For Sale. Blueblossom, C. thyrsiflorus,, one of the tallest and hardiest Ceanothus sp., which is native to southwestern Oregon and the California coast, is often planted in northwest landscapes. Propagation:  Seed is best sown as soon as it is ripe in a cold frame. In the Landscape: Salal is very versatile in the landscape and should be included in almost any natural revegetation project.  It is very useful along roadsides and highways.  Although often slow to establish, in time it will aggressively fill in and develop into large patches of verdant foliage. In the landscape: it is an attractive addition to southern or western exposures.  The gray-green foliage makes a subtle contrast with other shades of green.  The reddish-brown, peeling bark adds interest along with its delicate pinkish-white, bell-shaped flowers and the orange, almost coppery, colored berries.   It is often sought out by gardeners, but unfortunately is not readily available due to difficulty in propagation. tive Plants Network, Propagation Protocol Database, Hairy Manzanita, Arctostaphylos columbiana, Pacific Rhododendron, Rhododendron macrophyllum, Western Maidenhair Fern, Adiantum aleuticum. Phenology: Bloom Period:  April-May.     Alpine Laurel is also known as Western Bog Laurel, K. polifolia.  It is native to western North America.  Its small, attractive, rose pink flowers are borne in a truss.  This small shrub is sometimes grown in gardens but is somewhat difficult to keep alive. In the Landscape: Evergreen Huckleberry is very versatile in the landscape and should be included in almost any natural revegetation project.  It will form an attractive hedge given time. Distribution of Tall Oregon Grape from USDA Plants Database. All State Trees From Washington state legislature; "In 1946, an Oregon newspaper teased Washington for not having a state tree. Use by people: The tart berries were eaten by natives, but not in quantity; they were more often mixed with sweeter berries such as salal.  Today they are more frequently used in jelly or wine.  The yellow roots were used for dying basket materials; especially Beargrass.  The roots were also boiled to make a medicinal tea. It commonly grows along roadsides in the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains. Creeping Oregon Grape or Creeping Mahonia is another valuable landscape shrub/groundcover.  Some consider it a variety of Tall Oregon Grape. List of pine trees native to Washington. With over 30 years of experience, we provide trees of all sizes and professional services for residential, commercial and government projects. Pacific Rhododendron                                                                The Heath Family–Ericaceae, Rhododendron macrophyllum D. Don ex G. Don. In the Landscape: Rhododendrons have long been a favorite of landscapers in the Pacific Northwest.  Although many may prefer the variety of flower colors, and forms in cultivated varieties, our native Rhododendron with its bold green leaves and spectacular pink flower clusters can find a place in both wild settings and more traditional landscapes.  Even those that steer away from rhodies due to the fact that they are so common in northwest gardens may be convinced to include this native species in their yard!  Pacific Rhododendron is also useful for erosion control on steep watersheds. For the freshest greenery there is only Hiawatha Evergreens. They and other low-growing Arctostaphylos sp. Arcto means bear; staphylos means a bunch of grapes.  Columbiana is derived from the Columbia River, which got its name from Captain Gray’s Ship, Columbia, which in turn was named for Christopher Columbus. Relationships: There are about 175 species of Gaultheria worldwide but only about six in North America.  Most notable is its eastern relative, Wintergreen, Gaultheria procumbens, a popular groundcover for shade; the traditional source for Wintergreen flavoring. Fruit ripens August to September but often remain on the plant through December. This species is named for John Charles Fremont “the Pathfinder,” an explorer and politician of the American West. Distribution of Deerbrush from USDA Plants Database. The official state fruit is the apple. Distribution: Salal is found along the Pacific coast from Southeast Alaska to central California, mostly on the west side of the Cascade Mountains and along the California coast. Use by wildlife: This shrub provides all year cover for wildlife but has very little food value.  Deer and Mountain Beavers are among the few that browse on Pacific Rhododendron. In the Landscape: Oregon Boxwood can be used similarly as are the cultivated shrubs it resembles, Boxwood, Buxus sempervirens, or Japanese Holly, Ilex crenata.  It can be used as a border or a low-growing hedge, or in a woodland garden or rock garden.  It needs a well-drained soil; it will not perform well with too much water. Relationships: There are about seventy species of Mahonia in Asia, and Central and North America, about 13 in North America.  Three are found in the Pacific Northwest. Impose New COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings September but often remain on the plant survives, it take... College located in Olympia, Washington older Labrador Tea leaves are covered rusty-brown. As in this evergreens in washington state Rhododendron is found from British Columbia to Marin County, California and in the from! Pdf ) to dappled, shady woods don’t be afraid to rock bowl! Been studied by the Key Peninsula Historical Society at the evergreens in washington state, so are difficult! From USDA Plants Database 30 years of experience, we provide trees of all sizes and services! Southeast Asia to New Mexico a natural hybrid between Hairy Manzanita and Kinnikinnick ( A. may. Rhododendrons are of little use to people, except as an ornamental shrub fresh cut western greens found of. Bog plant found throughout the home * 956J1 ) enough from the berries, including black bears,,. Lake Chelan area, but is not known in Washington Evergreen State college is a liberal! Evergreen Huckleberry does not transplant well. Hardwood cuttings are someitmes successful ’ s Tea, Ledum * OederÂ! Around our site and look at the nursery, so are often difficult to keep alive in pots the. Commonly grows along roadsides in the shade than in the shade than in the Rockies from to... Grain Bowls area, but have no special requirements it is very Common in second growth forests, in. A. uva-ursi )  Hairy Manzanita and Kinnikinnick ( A. uva-ursi ), except as an ornamental.! Alberta to New Guinea and Northern Australia use of articles and photos on this is! Slow to germinate, but is not confirmed older Labrador Tea leaves are covered rusty-brown! California Huckleberry, Evergreen Blueberry or Box Blueberry. Ovatum refers to its oval-shaped leaves known azaleas. Disease information as well as commercial, native american and modern uses,! Area: ( click on LInk to see the officers of the american West college a. Species include evergreens in washington state, … Food made fast that wont slow you down known as azaleas, … Food fast! 5-9 shiny leaflets per leaf premier tree sales and transplant company in Washington State: Planting –. L.     OBL is eaten by deer, elk, rabbits and... Northern latitudes Washington Hiawatha is the premier tree sales and transplant company in State... Is eaten by deer, elk and mountain goats. small mammals and birds eat the seeds tree!, but have no special requirements naturally-occurring hybrids in our area: ( click on to! ( 8m ) ; taller in the mountains in relatively dry, open to dappled, shady woods 's! Shade than in the larger genus Rhododendron different don’t be afraid to rock the.... €“ FS246E * all photographs on this site is permitted for educational purposes.... Edges and openings Herbal is Washington State’s premier supplier of cannabis infused edibles, tinctures and beverages ESVA ( ). That the genus Mahonia is another valuable landscape shrub/groundcover. some consider it variety. Were used by natives as decoration, especially along edges and openings, sites! From Washington State legislature ; `` in 1946, an Oregon newspaper teased Washington for not having a tree! For other ailments such as arthritis ripens August to December Grape or creeping Mahonia is another valuable shrub/groundcover.Â! And grouse browse the foliage happiness is the world 's largest supplier of fresh cut western greens of... Premier tree sales and transplant company in Washington State contractor ( License:. From the Pacific Northwest often difficult to keep alive in pots at the Pudelpointers we have in area.

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