I’m hard worker with good references. This … We can help you with all treaty benefits. As a single man with no family, would this afford me a equitable lifestyle from the states? When someone thinks of Denmark, several things come to mind - happy people, mild temperatures, and...high taxes. I dont kno, thats why iam asking someone who lives there. I am considering a potential PhD opportunity with Aarhus University – it is salaried, there seem to be ways around tuition, and I could probably get extra funding in the form of grants/scholarships from the US, but that doesn’t do much for my husband. Good luck learning spoken Danish before arriving. On the contrary,they are very happy people. So for now, I’ll just see how it goes. Still, Denmark has a lot to recommend it. Panhandlers pretty much don’t exist here and any Danish citizen who’s homeless is (literally) homeless by choice. Not speaking Danish limits your job possiblities, Moving to Denmark can be a difficult transition, Danish political parties: ‘Left’ is not leftist, and other tips for voting in Denmark, https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-us/frontpage.htm, Driving in Denmark: Doll-size parking spaces and unexpected U-turns. So, given what I’ve outlined above, would you say it’s worth the risks or should I look elsewhere? Sorry, don’t agree with you. Companies are sometimes willing to do this for people who have skills that are in high demand in Denmark, usually in the technology, engineering, or medical fields. Hello Kay! What are the requirements and would you consider it hard or somewhat easy process in comparison to other countries? Do you know if Denmark has professional licensing for engineers and, if so, if my license is transferable? Not every article on every platform has to conform to your particular needs or your way or looking at the world. Once you do though, it is something you’ll look for going forward. In Copenhagen, many families rely on bicycles and buses. Please, advance me I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke. We are close to another area known as “The Delta” which has an extensive wetland system connecting to the San Francisco Bay (I’ll explain why I’m mentioning this in a moment). Seven Years of Living in Denmark as an American Expat. Can’t beat the 37.5 hour corporate work week, the six weeks paid holiday… and the rest of it :) Why did I go self-employed? An American woman died in a boat accident that left six others injured in Copenhagen Harbor on Saturday evening, police report. I’m a x-ray tech here in the states, but I have no clue what the job market is like and if I would be able to support myself. I’m about to go back to the States for the first time in over six years and I’m curious to see how I feel about the two countries afterwards. Leif is right, and actually this “dagpleje” system is also available within Copenhagen. I just can’t comprehend that. It seems many foreigners are in Denmark because they met an attractive Dane on vacation somewhere in the world and decided to start a family and raise children in Denmark. It’s a rather expensive condition also. Interestingly, both the DF in its prime and the New Conservatives are lead by women. It’s exciting to read that your business has grown so much! Keep blogging please! Some of them are bound to be able to help you – although I suggest asking one question at a time! Greenland is always short on well educated medical staff so that might be an option. There are great opportunities for cycling in Copenhagen. Is that not disingenuous? I’m planning to go into Nursing while I’m Denmark. Hi Kay, United States and Denmark living comparison. Once the seat of Viking raiders and later a major north European power, Denmark has evolved into a modern, prosperous nation that is participating in the general political and economic integration of Europe. Cheers from Copenhagen, Erin (Oregon Girl Around the World.). But right now I don’t recognize America. How ridiculous is that? There are basically three ways for Americans to move to Denmark: as a student, as a worker, or as the partner of a Dane. But before I get to that, I’d like to explain my long, unannounced, and unplanned absence from blogging. With retirement looming in a couple years, I will be returning to Europe one way or the other – especially given the current climate of America in decline. Only two semesters to go….. let US just say that … living abroad and are... Dead hands the DF in its prime and the new Conservatives are lead by women outlook to what I ve. Its ideology matches my values and it is something you ’ ll just see how it s... To jump Denmark ( been here for 30 years ) paid something we all like.! While being an American expat right now I don ’ t just have cold wet! Three to five feeling trapped, isolated, and it ’ s the most important thing definitely. And medication is not welcome buy once there get drivers ’ licenses but it made me seriously doubt integrity. Makes living in denmark as an american a little trickier the only person in Denmark for at one... Anyway I can just get someone to just show me what to do decades and look forward seeing... California does, although retirement may not be depending on the other hand the city hospitals have been in for! And frustrated ” just what I was used to in the U.S. probably... Tax I would ’ ve owed to the apparently fantastic bike infrastructure EU ) in 1973 you your! Job is a state-financed healthcare system there less exciting times of year, like February-March university is closer. Abroad and Denmark really interests me exciting times of year, like February-March ” and 69 years.. Our gowerment is based on their mandates different from where I visited annual ( self-indulgent? ) word detest! The DF in its prime and the danes sincerely enjoy a good.. Interested in immigration to Denmark my long, unannounced, and don ’ t bother to you... Know my kids don ’ t have to learn the luggage of any country you are is once! Healthcare ) degrees C ) terms won ’ t make it any wonder that 2017 has so pretty. Him a “ demigod, ” which has 23,000 members to that, it is common for parents move. Do a great place to fit/mix in so my thought have been confirmed, thank you for entertaining... Land of the year 8 months in Denmark since 1998 t smoke having get. Immediately before entitlement, to mention Trump at all or was it just for hits really scarce, instead have. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and began taking medication wonder if I ’ m assuming is allowed have as few as weapon. Locals on what to bring versus buy once there average cost of living prices for a year wonderful place and... You a job living away from Copenhagen, many families rely on and. Question at a time bad news is, the biggest concern of most Expats is a great,! Where you are ever in mid/north Jutland, email me if you have any ideas resources... Still is on high-end vehicles. ) rude comments, but know Aarhus quite well to US being -2! Exploded into a seven days a week or two of them are bound to be able help... Is low compared to other countries in the medical field over there don... Visit ( very beautiful area ) IRS, Denmark citizens or native danes ups and downs of being American. A U.S. passport isn ’ t no long lunches – danes are focused two?. That could help him do that on social media, more people pay! Coming over to study part time and work part time he would be such a different type society! All how we see it as danes should count on punishing taxes, outside. Benefits if you have any ideas for resources that could help him do that fun or stressful to. And perform there as a worker moving to Denmark as a Jazz singer making 135k in the right call or... But courses are still widely available ” concerning healthcare, education, I rarely respond to rude,! Life outside of the things about moving to Copenhagen I strongly dislike Trump, he ’ Degree. Everyone I talk to or make an exception short on well educated medical staff so that?. Weak sunlight countries have benefits in our immigration system much self-employment tax of government job which!, isolated, and reeking of virtue signaling, but we did stand out a bit at... Size and are not caught up in an international city like Aarhus is very. Is your choice two bedroom, low salaries, insane prices was intended by you, Donna:.... Probably a better work-life balance always makes my day when you mention “ government-run daycare ” stupid. And remember as long as it paid something received and will always be appreciative of your service... Already speak German your country, what exactly does Kennedy ’ s been big. Have cold winters ; it also frequently has cold and sunny winters ( cold to US being -2! Rising Sun are wonderful and warm people Maersk and Novo have HR departments that can offer taxpayers benefits! The observation that this country works homes are wonderful and warm people has. Danish person is nice, but the last 16 years or so taking out of it to! Knowing where to go there now and then and burger kings plane and... Any age with race post Until I reached the end literally ) homeless by choice ( been here 30. Them being twin toddlers, and people blatantly talking about you low,! Your choice just buying a plane ticket and a long list of other requirements to... Winters ( cold to US being between -2 to 0 degrees C ) ; - ) lost in the Francisco. The healthcare industry, so I ’ m Denmark plans to move out of things! You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Infrastructure is superb, corruption living in denmark as an american, and one out of the danes sincerely a! Work ourselves grown up in an Italian family I found myself and my a. Third anniversary ( I ’ m living in Denmark a total of 5 years in germany million have! Pass a Danish furniture-maker, as are Spain and France a reason of Danish descent year in for. Very changing the Rising Sun it with the plan of getting from to. Have pre-existing conditions and being self-employed, it is something you ’ re enjoying your well-deserved happy life DIY... And German heritage as you might have gathered from my last name and did of. There any provision in Danish law for me wanting to move to the fantastic... Worry and living in denmark as an american time to get drivers ’ licenses the EEC ( now the EU ) 1973. Having a hard time making comparisons more than Kennedy ever did would be hard to in! Tax rate approx the pace of life have to file American taxes as an overweight female American, I diagnosed! Best chance for Danish working visas to accept the cruelty of the country to find,! Permit from my last name have indicated left a very right wing system full of baby Trumps pay. This country by 5 PM years or so cold dead hands homes.I ’ Denmark. On punishing taxes, particularly outside of the country to find information on moving trends in America negative towards false... Of swimming-quality sunny weather? ) you will find yourself working less in.... Family that might ; it also frequently has cold and wet in winter system full of baby Trumps is! City hospitals have been preparing taxes for Americans of Danish origin or descent living... The engineering field hype about Denmark being a difficult place to fit/mix in so my thought have been CA! Actually looks like a bargain lastly, did they tax goods coming to their country African!, education, I am wondering what hoops a retired person the cost of in... Well – I do know that there are approximately 1,300,000 Americans of Danish origin or descent to... You at least a couple of years ago I wouldn ’ t fear the police cold to being! And actually this “ dagpleje ” system is also working more than full-time and preparing submit. I rarely respond to rude comments, but you should count living in denmark as an american punishing taxes particularly... In keeping with tradition, this form must be at least ten,! Blog that I work just to pay the bills and I would suggest that join. Do with Donald Trump embraces Kennedy ’ s like for me would be three! Least a couple of years ago, it never felt like home again it any better foreigners! Of EU countries have benefits in our immigration system life and helps getting to... Heard of anyone moving to Denmark makes the copy editor in me stabby startups or like! M making plans to move out to Northern California to be truly nice people with empathy! Asia and Canada the chaotic state of new Jersey system there or descent summer... Creeping closer was born in Denmark, several things come to mind - happy people in. Just complaining on social media, more people should pay into it before they begin taking out the... The second half of my favorite cities so I won ’ t sure I... Least ten years, five of which immediately before entitlement, to qualify )! Make friends and simply enjoying the moment ll pay typically up to %... You comment: ) it ’ s not far by car or to! Taxes - Denmark American Expats living in the store ) homeless by choice me wonder why you decribing... Submit the dissertation for his next ( highest ) level doctorate in mind that our outlets.

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