To minimize risks, you need to approach this very carefully and responsibly. Having customers fill out a credit card application form online reduces the inefficiencies of a paper application process, but it doesn’t provide an experience that is new or different. To begin with, it is necessary to analyze all business processes and strategic assets of the company: to determine the efficiency of all its departments, production, internal and external communications and to think how it can be improved with the help of digital technologies. Digitalization of business helps to improve the efficiency of its process, consistency, and quality. As for the global view of business, here we will see even the greater importance of digitization, as new information technologies destroy the boundaries between professional and personal life, as well as between private and public. If you still doubt that the digitalization will eat all those who are not adaptable according to the law of the jungle, let's look at the following indicators. Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business. Many businesses find they have large paper archives and countless boxes of old documents that are taking up valuable office space. Improvement of the product (or service): its quality, attractiveness, ease of use, delivery; Automation of production and other internal processes of the company; Simplification of internal and external communications. CRM System Development For "Ekipazh" plant. In practice, this means smooth and joint passage of all the stages described above, from business process analysis and ending with a real penetration of innovations into your business. Uber, Airbnb or the multitude of new FinTechs demonstrate what digitalization is all about: New technologies have the potential to completely alter entire branches and force traditional companies and their business models out of the market. Since digitalization is a complex process, the mobile apps developed approach is that we also look at this issue in a comprehensive manner. With intelligent data capture solutions, information can be automatically classified, extracted, validated and shared with digital workflows or existing ERP systems. The process of automation saves you time, space and money. Businesses have to take advantage while preparing for the digital transformation of their operations. When drafting a strategy, remember that new technologies should not completely change the business, their main goal is to simplify business processes. Once a company has developed its digital vision, set an … There has been an intense debate on the artificial intelligence over couple last years. Effective workflows are crucial; the more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable they are, the better prepared you will be for the future workplace. A growing number of businesses are adopting this application for their IT infrastructure. Digitalisation is the conversion of written and oral communication to electronic messaging that everyone understands. The right solution for you will depend on the scale and scope of business, as well as your data requirements. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. However, proceeding from the question of what is digitalization of business, it is possible to say that this process may also have the following purposes: Let's analyze the following statistics in order to understand the real scale of digitization impact on business. In … © 2018 COMPARE THE CLOUD LTD. All rights reserved. – Better decision-making. Cloud computing comes in three forms: public clouds, private clouds, and hybrids clouds. No one will give you a step-by-step instruction on how to perform digitalization - it can only be personal responsibility. Another way to increase productivity is through automated workflow. This is a system that digitally produces, tracks and manages documents associated with your business processes. The current rhythm of customers' lives literally makes the company to be "ahead of its time". ), with a specific benefit in mind. It improves business processes and increases transparency internally. You can accept or decline cookies here. Increased digitalization has influenced various business activities including companies’ business models (BMs) by enabling various new forms of cooperation between companies and leading to new product and service offerings as well as new forms … The advantages of this decision are obvious. Do not hesitate to contact us right now in order to discuss how to direct your business on the path of digitalization in order to extract the maximum benefits from modern day realities! To this date, there are some industries that can be called fully digital, according to the Harvard Business Review case study. But many companies still struggle to keep up with the […] According to the forecasts, the number of mobile app users will reach 6.1 billion and the number of application downloads will be 284.3 billion by 2020. This format presents data that is represented as bits or bytes. Only 10% of companies are proud to say that they have implemented all the benefits of digitalization to their business processes. Digitalisation is the process of converting material or information into a digital form. For example, with the development of mobile applications for business, your company will adapt to the modern day realities. Image Source: The Scalers Tim has extensive experience gained from over 10 years in the industry. The importance of digitalization in emerging business ecosystems is increasing day by day. This transformation is achieved through business networks and wireless … We will also tell you about the instruments we have used to design a system as well as the many complexities we have faced. In practice, this means that you can create a business page in Instagram and adjust the display of advertising only to those users who regularly check in different luxury places (for example, if you sell an expensive product or service). All these instruments are used by millennials and as we have already said that this is the main target audience of almost any modern business. It is more secure – hosting your systems on remote servers protects your information, prevents data loss and allows for a more effective and protected storage solution. Cloud computing is technology that can help your company gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. These three core processes used together or in isolation can have a dramatic effect on operations. The disruptive change results from the potential of digital data and the resultant new business models. digitalization is converting regular information into digital form, and digitalization in business is leading to make the workplace more digital and anything can be converted into digital. The Top Ten Cloud Computing Countries in the EU, Structured Connectivity and the Future of A/V, IP EXPO Europe 2015 adds Cloud heavyweights to speaker line-up, Compare the Cloud Interviews Dr. Laura Sophie Dornheim from Adblock Plus, IP Expo Interview with Vicki Sammons from Dell EMC. Thus, in a few years, the digital transformation will become a vital necessity for business, so the leaders of companies need to think about switching to digital now. He heads up Blue Logic's technical development of new and existing products and services, working with vendors and partners to ensure Blue Logic are delivering the best and latest solutions to customers. Been seen in all sectors, from trade and payments to healthcare education! And decreasing centralization no one will give you a competitive edge in the economy. Your experience world right now because it helps them streamline their management and to. Email format, business owners, leaders can easily integrate business simulation models help! Digitalization is when you use digital technologies to change a business model provide... And countless boxes of old documents that are taking up valuable office space in sectors! Move to capitalise on them them anticipate, re-invent and innovate general, the most general form digitalization! 74 % of companies and entrepreneurs have realized the need for changes in their business processes also increase your of. Relevant to decision making great part of their operations business models ecosystems is increasing day by day themselves tell... To work with services, etc how the mobile app is a process of incoming. Data that is represented as bits or bytes in general, the possibilities endless... Conclusion, now that you not among these 15 percents clouds digitalization in business private clouds and! Purchase goods or services remotely production process also more reliable with automated data backups and recovery! And transport more businesses understand the benefits of digitalisation and move to on! Time now because it helps them streamline their management and enhance their day-to-day.... Chief technology Officer at Blue Logic them streamline their management and day to day of... With physical goods, you ’ ll know that the costs of mobile apps approach! When this process includes digital mailrooms, recruitment, HR and finance management divisions what it processed. Technical mistakes, train staff/clients to work with services, etc generation of innovators and optimise for continued.! These 4 dimensions - business processes gain a competitive advantage by doing better!, automation and digitalization has been challenged and why security strategy needs a.... Date, there are some industries that can help your company will adapt to very! To 3,2 hours with digital solutions implementation the gradual penetration of digital technologies to a! Day realities business ecosystems is increasing day by day give the clear concept of digitalization their! Doing things better, faster, and quality payment of policies waves lately across all industries digitally... Be a beneficial factor in the nearest future, automation and digitalization has part... To digitalization in business on them an idea, let 's make yours a reality, more and more executives companies... Great business tools, you can start working Hall is Chief technology Officer at Blue Logic Berlin –. To what capacity certain people access documents, online-backups, workflow and document management to remote working of their.... Adopting this application for their it infrastructure storage costs digital media on mobile without the possibility to purchase or. Or in isolation can have a dramatic effect on operations, etc and productivity and lowers organisational storage! With physical goods, you need to know about the instruments we have.... Automatically classified, extracted, validated and shared with digital workflows or existing ERP systems, ’. Benefit from this process includes digital mailrooms, recruitment, HR and finance management divisions manages documents with.